Professional Snow Removal Benefits

Those who have a large driveway or a second home will find that the time saved by hiring a professional snow removal service is highly beneficial when it comes to getting to work on time, enjoying the outdoors, or simply staying out of the cold for hours on end. Even with a small snow blower, the results you'll get doing the job yourself may not be as impressive as what a pro can do with a large snow blower that they are trained to use well.

Another big reason to hire a snow removal service comes about when you own rental properties. Whether it is apartments, condos  or a few homes in the Incline Village area- having a professional snow removal service working for you will ensure that your tenants are happy and safe.

With guests coming and going frequently throughout the season, hiring a snow removal service would be worth your investment. It will make your life easier and provide you with more time to spend skiing on the slopes of Tahoe!  


 Incline Village Snow Removal offers driveway snow removal for residential and commercial properties in the Incline Village area. We offer our services through a full season contract with one fee for the entire contracted period with no additional fees.

Snow clearing is not just a winter project for us. We are working throughout the year to coordinate an efficient, organized snow clearing service for you. We are constantly assessing our operations, organizing and training operators, performing preventative maintenance on the equipment, etc.

One of our major features that place us above and beyond our competition is our snow clearing equipment. We are a company with lightweight, state of the art snow blowers that will allow us to handle any winter conditions. Our 25 years of experience we have proven that our job is not only a luxury for our clients, but a necessity in harsh Sierra winters.

Seasonal Contracts

Our snow removal contracts are one flat seasonal rate from November 1st through April 1st. This fee includes unlimited driveway snow removal during the contracted period and free installation and removal of snow guides for your driveway. 

Whether your home is your primary residence, secondary home, or a rental, you can be assured your driveway will be clear of snow and the county road berms each and every snowfall.F.A.Q   

On Call Services

 We also offer On-Call driveway snow removal. On-Call driveway snow removal fees are based on snow depth. Arrangements of 24-48 hours is preferred, but we will try to help with short notice or emergencies. Call for further details.